marriage in India

Riding the air waves

From being a housewife whose cheery conversation and easy wit made her popular in her small circle of friends, Aarthi Varanasi would suddenly become the coolest mum in her children’s school. Starting off as a radio jockey at the age of 32, she became a film playback singer, a voiceover artist and emcee over the

marriage in India

Mark your territory

Shwetha Srinivasan knew that she would be married off before she turned 23. Early marriages are the norm in her family, and she had broken a barrier by waiting until she hit her twenties.

Marriage in India

Universality of marriage

In the Vedic age, the participation of the wife was considered indispensable for the successful conclusion of all ceremonies and sacrifices on the assumption that as a man alone is spiritually incomplete, he is not competent to offer oblations to the gods. This was similar to the Avestan concept of bachelors being spiritually impure. Thus,

Inter caste marriage

Inter caste marriage (Hypergamy)

Hypergamy is a social institution in regard to conjugal relations, which allows a man but forbids a woman to marry a person of lower social standing. Underlying this rule was the high value attached to the purity of women in India which was jealously protected among the higher castes.

romantic love

Love marriage and romantic love

As against the traditional system of combining endogamous marriage in India, marriage in Europe is based on the independent decision of the two partners to the marriage, who are guided mainly by romantic love, sex attraction, companionship, rapport, sympathetic understanding, idealisation, etc. In view of the increasing degree of marital discord in present-day society despite

Arranged marriage in India

How to organise the arranged marriage

India, there is a notion that the honour of the family rests with the women who can violate it by conduct that is against the principles of the concept of ritual purity. Thus, marriage is not an independent affair of the boy and girl, but an affair of significance to the entire families of both

Matrimonial advertisement

Why Matrimonial Advertisement?

A feature almost unique to Indian society is the matrimonial advertisement seeking suitable matches for boys and girls. In India, this matrimonial advertisement run to countless pages each day in various newspapers of the country. A foreigner would be puzzled to think of a reason for this spate of newspaper matrimonial advertisement unless, of course,