venal love

Pleasures of venal love

The master work of Vatsyayana, Kamasutra (third century A.D.), a treatise on the science of love in an exquisitely healthy manner is known world-wide. This is not the only work on the subject, but due to the lack of an earlier surviving text, it has become a landmark in the history of the erotic. Further,

Inter caste marriage

Inter caste marriage (Hypergamy)

Hypergamy is a social institution in regard to conjugal relations, which allows a man but forbids a woman to marry a person of lower social standing. Underlying this rule was the high value attached to the purity of women in India which was jealously protected among the higher castes.

Matriliny in India

Matriliny and Matriarchy in India

In a polygamous society, the patrilineal family in which the husband, wife and their children lived together could not develop. The alternative was to dispense with the doubtful and heterogeneous factor (the father) and adopt the uniform and indubitable factor (the mother).

romantic love

Love marriage and romantic love

As against the traditional system of combining endogamous marriage in India, marriage in Europe is based on the independent decision of the two partners to the marriage, who are guided mainly by romantic love, sex attraction, companionship, rapport, sympathetic understanding, idealisation, etc. In view of the increasing degree of marital discord in present-day society despite

Husband and wife relationship

Husband and wife relationship in India

Family structure in India is very compact and united and, in rural areas where the impact of industrialisation and urbanisation is lesser in degree, the normal way of life in a joint family is such that the women members of the family form a compact group with its own activities and hardly any interaction with

Arranged marriage in India

How to organise the arranged marriage

India, there is a notion that the honour of the family rests with the women who can violate it by conduct that is against the principles of the concept of ritual purity. Thus, marriage is not an independent affair of the boy and girl, but an affair of significance to the entire families of both

Matrimonial advertisement

Why Matrimonial Advertisement?

A feature almost unique to Indian society is the matrimonial advertisement seeking suitable matches for boys and girls. In India, this matrimonial advertisement run to countless pages each day in various newspapers of the country. A foreigner would be puzzled to think of a reason for this spate of newspaper matrimonial advertisement unless, of course,