When it all crumbles

“When a relationship doesn’t work out, we all know what we do—take a break, introspect, maybe cheat, and then call it off. In a marriage, it isn’t so simple. There are the fat wedding albums, the memories of shared stresses, the hungry relatives searching for scraps of scandal, the terrified parents and the stigma of

Dealing with changing priorities

Dealing with changing priorities

Madhumitha Prasad got married when she was 24 years old. In the eight years since then, she has had a child, moved cities thrice, moved countries once, and gone back to work. She feels an early marriage makes sense. And 24 didn’t strike her as particularly early, because most of her friends were also getting

You can’t hide and seek

At 28, Smriti Rao was doing very well in her career. A branding and talent development consultant, she had lived in four metros over the past few years, and worked in fields that ranged from education to brand management to corporate training. Her professional life was on a high, but she was beginning to feel

Peeling of the gloss

Sara Jacob, now 29, was used to looking out for herself Raised in Kuwait, she moved to India to do her under graduation. She headed off to England to do a Master’s degree, and when she returned, at 23, the questions began.

successful marriage

From the artiste’s eye: scripting a successful marriage

Writer and poet Ruhani Kapoor met Saadhil Khosla through relatives. They happened to be in the same town at the same time, it was suggested they meet, and soon they were married and settled in New York. Both were in their early twenties, and each worked in completely different industries.

In a new country

When Meera Anthony came across Arnav Joseph’s profile on a matrimonial site, she had already turned down several men who wanted to know what her hobbies were.