A suitable Muslim

  Zainab Haider was 26 years old, when she began to contemplate marriage. She had grown up in Guwahati, moved to Delhi for college, and got a job as a reporter with a Hindi news channel.

The army wife

A few months ago, Shreya Gopal was used to the routine of a working woman who had the luxury of living with her parents—she would wake up, make herself breakfast, head to work, come home, watch Ty have dinner, and either sleep or head out with her friends.

Star-crossed partners

It appeared Vijaya Raghuraman and Dileep Shankaran had a lot in common— she was a business journalist, he was an investment banker. She was a trained dancer, he was a trained mridangist. They were both Palakkad Iyers born and raised in Bombay (now Mumbai). And they shared the same nakshatram.

Marriage in India

The things our parents don’t tell us

The ladies tell us about the things that can come as a surprise in a marriage. While no one is short of unsolicited advice in the years, months, weeks, days, and even hours leading up to her wedding, not all of it comes in useful. And not everything that could be useful is said. There


What do couples fight about in the first year?

It’s often said that if a couple can get through the first year of marriage, they can weather any storm. And though Sara’s and Sunil’s first year was a bigger trial than most, with each having to deal with severe health problems, they also had their little battles throughout the grand war.

The arranged marriage set-up is like speed dating

In my own case, the question of arranged marriage would be brought up every time a relative or family friend asked whether I was ‘available’. If I was in a relationship, the question would be hedged. If I wasn’t, I would be consulted. Since, until recently, I wasn’t sure whether I would be willing to