Dowry system in India

Akhil – of dogs and chains

Individualism versus loyalty In a society where marriage tends to be a fixed expectation, it seems that many are simply not prepared for this. Increasing numbers, like Akhil, are asserting their individualism.

dowry death

Why legal measures have failed to solve the ‘dowry death’?

Our journey together Media coverage of the ‘dowry problem,’ both in India and in the international media, has grown dramatically since the dowry death of Tarvinder Kaur in 1979. At times, it seemed that hardly a day would pass by without chilling reports of ex­tortion, of ill-treated wives and of their unnatural dowry deaths.

Dowry harassment

Dowry harassment. Shalini—Shattered dreams.

I have known Shalini since our early childhood days when we were neighbours in Bangalore. We were complete contrasts: I was chirpy, talkative and notorious, and she was quiet and shy, almost withdrawn. She came from a traditional Hindu, upper-middle class Telugu-speaking family and lived with her parents and her elder brother. She had few

Dowry system in India

Dowry System in India

The solemnisation of a marriage is an important social function all over the world. In Indian society, it has more significance because, as stated elsewhere, it creates a bond not only between two individuals but also between two families.