domestic violence against

Domestic Violence Against Women

The federal legal definition of “domestic violence” differs from many state definitions, which may differ from the definition in a municipal ordinance. Some prosecutor’s offices may restrict the definition for their domestic violence team to limit the number of cases a team has to handle, or it may expand the definition to ensure advocacy services

Sexual Harassment

Judicial Pronouncements in Sexual Harassment Cases

The issue of Sexual Harassment at the work place is fraught with such complexities and intersections with cultural practices that make a linear, simple and straight -forward understanding of the same a tardy and tedious, if not impossible, affair to grapple with. One of the ways to simplify and to make it understandable in a

Dowry harassment

Dowry harassment. Shalini—Shattered dreams.

I have known Shalini since our early childhood days when we were neighbours in Bangalore. We were complete contrasts: I was chirpy, talkative and notorious, and she was quiet and shy, almost withdrawn. She came from a traditional Hindu, upper-middle class Telugu-speaking family and lived with her parents and her elder brother. She had few

Child marriage

Child marriage deprives the childhood

Child marriage of girls is a comparatively neglected social problem in India and is seldom given attention by policy makers, law interpreters, law enforcement machinery, and academicians. Recently, a few non-governmental organizations have started addressing the issue more seriously. Some efforts are being made by the National Commission for Women and the National Commission for