Catalysing craft

Catalysing craft

Mahatma Gandhi’s powerful call of swadeshi and swaraj to his fellow Indians not only created the radical shift that led to the crumbling of imperialism in India, but the call was also equally a beacon to spinners and weavers, the makers by hand, spread across rural India.

The Alpha songbirds

Banawari shyam more, aaj ki rain yahin rahiye’ (‘Oh! My lord Krishna, please stay with me tonight’). This is Kishori Amonkar singing the signature Chota Khayal Bandish (composition) in Sampoorna Malkauns.

Women Leaders in India

Women Leaders: From Dynasty to Legitimacy

  An analysis of the role of women leaders in Indian politics reveals a paradox. On the one hand, India, both in the past and at present, continues to have a number of powerful women in top political positions, well-known nationally and internationally for their strong personalities and, in some cases, efficient governance.