Child marriage

Child marriage deprives the childhood

Child marriage of girls is a comparatively neglected social problem in India and is seldom given attention by policy makers, law interpreters, law enforcement machinery, and academicians. Recently, a few non-governmental organizations have started addressing the issue more seriously. Some efforts are being made by the National Commission for Women and the National Commission for

Marriage in India

The things our parents don’t tell us

The ladies tell us about the things that can come as a surprise in a marriage. While no one is short of unsolicited advice in the years, months, weeks, days, and even hours leading up to her wedding, not all of it comes in useful. And not everything that could be useful is said. There

Marriage in India

Universality of marriage

In the Vedic age, the participation of the wife was considered indispensable for the successful conclusion of all ceremonies and sacrifices on the assumption that as a man alone is spiritually incomplete, he is not competent to offer oblations to the gods. This was similar to the Avestan concept of bachelors being spiritually impure. Thus,


What do couples fight about in the first year?

It’s often said that if a couple can get through the first year of marriage, they can weather any storm. And though Sara’s and Sunil’s first year was a bigger trial than most, with each having to deal with severe health problems, they also had their little battles throughout the grand war.

The arranged marriage set-up is like speed dating

In my own case, the question of arranged marriage would be brought up every time a relative or family friend asked whether I was ‘available’. If I was in a relationship, the question would be hedged. If I wasn’t, I would be consulted. Since, until recently, I wasn’t sure whether I would be willing to

Wedding in India

Is marrying young a mistake?

Vaidehi Raman, 38, is among the proponents of a reasonably late marriage. She dismisses the notion that getting married early allows one to grow with the person one marries. ‘You grow out of it very quickly,’ she says, wryly. A technical writer and quality controller by profession, Vaidehi married when she was just 21, right