emancipation of women

Emancipation of women in India

The struggle for women emancipation went through three stages: The fight for women’s rights; The moral emancipation of women; and Liberation in which the very fundamentals of the equation in male-female relationships are questioned.

Women rights

Women rights to work

Throughout history, society has assigned the role of breadwinner to man and expected him to provide for himself and for his family. A woman has all along been assigned the role of a helpmate, to look after the family and contribute wherever possible, to the earnings of the family. The role of women in India

Woman's role in the family

Role of women in the family

The role of women in society, in particular, in the family are dual: first in their parents’ house and after that in their husband’s home. The circumstances under which the birth of a daughter was considered unwelcome have changed, and although the treatment meted out to a daughter in Indian society is still not on

Purdah System

The Purdah System and Women in India

Double standards of morality enjoining strictest chastity on unmarried women in India and marital fidelity on wives while granting unrestricted freedom to men, led to the introduction of the purdah system among many African and Asian societies which prohibited women, including girls approaching puberty, from letting themselves be seen by any man apart from the